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Meet us at Euro Expo industrial exhibition in Falun, Sweden 31 August - 1 September!

Welcome to visit us at the Euro Expo's industry exhibition in Falun, Lugnet Sporthall, Lugnetvägen 5, 31 August - 1 September. At the exhibition we will show among other products, a new line of wall-mount enclosures from Hoffman, our wide range of fuses and  PV combiner boxes with fireman's switch.

More information about the exhibition and tickets can be ordered here.

Hoffman GL66 terminal boxes and wall-mount enclosures

Hoffman introduce a new generation of terminal boxes and wall-mount enclosures for both the European and North American markets. A wide range makes it easy to find a suitable enclosure for your application. Made of painted mild steel or of stainless steel AISI 304 or 316L High ingress protection IP66, NEMA 4/4X/12 Impact resistant IK 10 Stable door with seamless foam-in-place gasket, large opening angle, 210° Versions with gland plate with seamless foam-in-place gasket

Everything required for installation in modular integrated facilities according to North American standard

Turnkey modular integrated facilities are growing rapidly, more end users discover the benefits with a facility that is pre-installed and tested at delivery

We offer a complete range of products for installation in modular integrated facilities, including distribution, lighting, heating, receptacles, switches, circuit wire, device boxes and conduits. The products meet applicable North American standards.


PV modulskydd

Protect the DC side of the PV system – install PV combiner boxes with fuses and surge protection devices!

Interest in renewable energy such as solar power is rapidly increasing, the industry for photovoltaic modules is growing at 30-40% per year. Rising energy prices has generated an increased interest also in Scandinavia.

Protection of the PV system DC side is frequently overlooked. High voltage, cyclic load, fluctuating ambient temperature are challenges for both fuses and surge protection devices. Another issue is to safe isolation of the PV modules in case of a fire to allow firefighters to operate without risk of electrocution.

We offer a wide range of products like PV combiner boxes with overcurrent and overvoltage protection, fireman’s switches, fuses and surge protection devices for protection on the DC side of the PV system.

Cressall portable load banks

Have you made a load test on the emergency power lately? Power blackouts can strike everyone, especially during the winter time with storms and snow. More and more organizations invest in emergency generators but- do they work when required?

Cressall offers four types of standard portable load banks for AC testing, AC6 and DUAL30 used for singe phase testing up to 30 kW, AC30 and AC100 for three phase testing up to 100 kW.

Wind cones and lights for Heliports!

We offer a wide range of equipment for heliports, wind cones and heliport lights. The products meet LFV’s latest regulations.

We supply wind cones especially designed for use on heliports. The wind cone is equipped with illumination for the wind sock and an obstruction light. The mast is equipped with a tilting device which simplifies maintenance.

The approach and take-off area is normally marked with elevated lights but full flush inset lights are gaining in popularity since they make it easier to remove snow from the heliport pad. The lights are available in versions with LED or halogen lamp as light source. A speciality are lights that are connected to a traditional 230 VAC parallel system.



Smart connections with Bussmann power distribution blocks!

Simplify the power distribution in your control panel, try Bussmann power distribution blocks. It’s a cost effective alternative to busbar systems and minimizes the need to splice between various components. The power distribution blocks have finger-safe terminals and are easy to mount on 35 mm DIN rail.