Eaton Cutler-Hammer air circuit breakers 800-6300 A

More than 70 years of experience is behind the development of Magnum ACBs. Advanced technologies, efficient production, innovative design, a close cooperation with switchgear builders and end users have resulted in an ACB, well suited for the 21st century demands for reliability and flexibility.

Eaton Cutler-Hammer offers two product lines.

  • NRX cover the range 800-1600 A in a compact format
  • Magnum cover the range 800-6300 A

Fixed or withdrawable, 3 or 4 poles, a wide range of electronic trip units and accessories make it easy to adapt the ACB to your needs. KEMA-KEUR third party certification ensures continuous high performance.

Digitrip trip units
The ACBs are equipped with Digitrip electronic trip units with true RMS metering for better coordination against downstream breakers and fuses. Choose between five different types, from Digitrip 220 with basic protection functions to Digitrip 1150 which offers increased protection features, metering functions as well as communication with various control systems.

User friendly and safe
Safety and easy to use was prioritized during design. The handle for the charging spring can be used even when wearing protective gloves. Main contact status indicators are large and distinctive, visual indication shows if withdrawable breaker is disconnected, it is possible to padlock the breaker in all positions.

The breakers are 100% rated, thermal ratings apply when the breaker is installed in a switchgear. The cassette has a built-in arc-shute, no additional clearance is required around the cassette.

Special versions

Magnum is also available in a version for applications up to 1100 V. The breakers are available for the current range 600-2500 A. Interrupting rating is 85 kA at 1100 V according to IEC 60947.

NRX is also available in versions according to ANSI C37, UL 1066 and CSA 22.2 and is therefore the perfect choice when exporting to North America. The breakers cover the range 800-1200 A, with interrupting rating up to 42 kA at 600V.

Magnum is also available in versions for the North American market - Magnum DS. The ACBs are designed according to ANSI C37, UL 1066 and CSA 22.2 and cover the range 800-5000 A, with interrupting rating up to 130 kA at 600V.

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